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IECON 2012 Final Program

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Note: Authors who are unable to serve as session chair, please send an immediate message informing to technical program chairs Luis Gomes and Chandan Chakrabourty about the situation

Presentation rules to be adopted by IECON 2012/ICELIE 2012 authors and presenters

There will be two types of presentations during IECON 2012 / ICELIE 2012 conference:

A-   Oral Presentation

B-   Poster Presentation


A-           Oral presentation: rules of conduct


1-  Each author/presenter is allowed for 20 minutes maximum for each paper. The length of the presentation is restricted to 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions.

2-  IECON 2012 presenters are required to meet their session chairman in the session room 15 minutes before the scheduled time in order to download their presentation to the computer.

3- Each author/presenter has to provide the session chairman with a PowerPoint or PDF presentation, as well as a short (10-line maximum) printed bio.

4-   Each author/presenter must assure that all fonts needed for his presentation are embedded in the files, which are compatible with Microsoft Office 2007.

5-   To avoid presenters overlap and disruption of the session, author/presenter will not be allowed to use her/his own computer and all files will need to be downloaded to the computer from a USB key.

Poster presentation: rules of conduct

1-   Available poster surface area is restricted to A0 (A series format in mm), 841 x 1189 mm, or in inches 33.1in by 46.8 in

2-   Each author/presenter of the poster may be required to make a short oral presentation (next to his/her poster) summarizing within 3 min the presented research.

3-   The session chairs and poster presenters will move from one poster to the next consecutively.

4-   Note that there are no formal PowerPoint presentations for poster sessions.

Tips: Designing your poster presentation (make it beautiful)

·         Minimal text legible from 2m (5-6 feet) distance

·         Consistent style

·         Simple language and clear.

·         Do not use very many font types

·         Titles and headings should appear larger than other text, but not too large!!!

·         color graphic images,

·         color graphs

·         Necessary and key equations only